Septic Tank Emptying & Cleaning

Septic Tanks Cleaning & Emptying. – Choose Certified Drain Services

Certified Drain Services are drainage experts local  providing cleaning and repairs on all different types of tanks and septic tanks. With our many years of experience in cleaning and maintaining tanks, you could say we are one of the best at it. Our team are fully trained and highly qualified to carry out any cleaning and repairs on septic tanks.. We are always here to answer your calls and emails regarding any questions you may have about septic tanks or problems with your drainage.

Septic Tank Emptying and Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning septic tanks can be a painful task for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. When cleaning a septic tank, it is also important that not only is the tank emptying and cleaned but all pipe going to the septic tank are adequately cleaned to prevent blockages or any future problems. If a septic tank is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can lead to some serious problems such as leaking septic tank, overflowing, damages and blockages.

Our technicians will ensure that the septic tank and the pipes leading to it are fully cleaned preventing any future problems from happening with the drainage system. We can also carry out a CCTV drain survey on the piping and inside of the septic tank to check for blockages, damages, leaks and any other related problems that were maybe occurring.

We provide regular maintenance of septic tanks. Septic tanks such be cleaned and emptied at least every 6 to 12 months to prevent them from overflowing into your garden or area. Certified Drain Services can come to you on a regular basis to empty and clean your septic tank and carry out any repairs that may be required to keep the system operating.

For a family of at least four the tank should be cleaned every year, for a family of 2 the tank will need cleaning every two years but it also depends on how you use the water on your property. Hiring Certified Drain Services  means you have someone to come and clean and maintain the septic tank for you for peace of mind. Knowing that you can put trust in a top drainage company that will keep your drainage system flowing.

If you need cleaning or regular emptying maintenance give us a call today: 0800 234 3624 or email us at and one of our team members will help you with your enquiry.

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